Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Mental Picture of Life

I stumbled upon a very beautiful psychological theory/psychosocial intervention approach diagram and page on Wikipedia the other day. It's called Cognitive behavioral therapy, a psychosocial intervention that is the most widely used evidence-based practice for treating mental disorders.

But I think we can all glean from this diagram, whether mentally ill or not. (Who is not mentally ill these days anyways)
Depicting basic tenets of CBT.jpg
It's called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

I found it helpful to see a diagram that mapped out why I did the things I did, and how my thoughts, feelings, and actions could be all related. 

I struggle a lot with self-image, and I believed such grim thoughts were mostly contained to myself. After seeing this diagram, I realized that it really could spill over (really, it does) and affect other areas of my life. How I view myself affects how I view others, and my future. (And how I view my future affects myself and others, and same goes for how I view others.)

It's a simple concept, and pretty obvious when you think about it, but strangely satisfying to discover a diagram that maps out how you feel, think, and behave.

Now the question is, how should you view yourself, others, and your future? How are core beliefs formed and sustained? Mmmm.... Deep questions....

What do you think about this diagram? Astounding? Psychobabble?

Let me know your thoughts!

- Jinwoo

If you are curious about CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) here is a link to the Wikipedia Page:

Also another cool page related to CBT called Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT):

IPT is based on the principle that relationships and life events impact mood and that the reverse (mood impacts relationships and life events) is also true.

Note: It's not a perfect psychological model/diagram, and there's a lot of criticism about it, but it's a little nugget I've found helpful to recognize.


  1. "Who is not mentally ill these days anyways." Such truth.

    1. Thanks for commenting Zander! Yeah... I thought it was funny when I wrote it at the time. I realized it's pretty dark too... Dark humor I guess