Sunday, October 30, 2016

Life at Michigan

So it was Halloweekend this week, and I didn't really do anything in the spirit of.
But a huge pimple found its place on my nose. lol.
Parents: "Are you washing your face properly?"

I can just imagine the interactions on Monday...

"Oh, so you're a male witch for Halloween! That wart looks so real!"
"That's because it is real."
"Oh. Ugh."

*Walks away backwards slowly

*Cries inside silently in shame

*Embarrassed about comment because wart was real

*Wishes he had someone to hold him

*Wishes wart boy would say something to break the silence

*Never says anything

*Walks away out of sight

*Emotional wound intensifies

Furthermore, (Nevermore?) below are some videos I took as a tribute to the spooky season.
Check them out!


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    1. Haha I can see you loving this. Internal dark sad/funny humor. Thanks Carmelia!