Sunday, November 13, 2016

It comes... And it goes.

It's Sunday...
I promised myself I would start this blog earlier this week, but the tides of work and life smacked me around and left me disconcerted for the majority of my free time.

Part I:

Saw a movie called Hacksaw Ridge on Saturday with my older brother - he'd been meaning to see it sometime, but never got around to it. I was super grateful that he got me to come with. The movie, I would say, is graceful and eloquent. It follows the story of a soldier named Desmond Doss and how his faith played out in the wartime.
Preparation before witnessing the glory of all that is cinema.
Part II:

A ladybug crawled onto my finger today. Its tiny legs gingerly finding its way around the tree bark and my finger held me in wonder. What is life? What gives life? Where does it come from? We've lost a lot of the sense of wonder in this world. I wonder how we can bring it back?
....I'll see myself out.
*heavy breathing intensifies
Part III:

Along this week, for reasons unknown, my heart felt heavy all throughout. It felt tied down in some way, burdened. I think it was the collective angst of the campus atmosphere due to the election.
Or it might be my Bio 172 class. Oh my God I hate that class please someone save me
I hate bio 172.

If you just can't get enough of that lady bug action: Bug

See you guys next week.

- Jinwoo

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