Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Psalm of Thanksgiving

Your love is like the rising sun to me,
Breaking the darkness with its light.
Let the brightness of your countenance shine forever.

You give and give in full view of my selfish ways -
my ways, O LORD, my ways.
And yet, still, you insist on blessing me.

Why, LORD?

You are higher than all I know,
all I could ever imagine.
God, God, why have you blessed me so?

You surround me with your love;
I will sing LORD, of your Glory and fame forever and ever.
Let your praise be on my lips continually.

Only you have the keys to my heart and mind
Only you know me through and through.
You give life, you give hope.
You give abundantly, without relent,
without holding back.
Where would I be, without you?

Let the light of your countenance burn brightly on your servant forever, O LORD.
Let it be as you have said,
as you have said from ages past,
as you have said in the deeps.

Let your words stand true, Father.
May it be as you have said.

So give me a song to sing,
and I will sing it to you, God.
I will sing it to you.

Inspired by Give me a Song by Will Reagan & United Pursuit

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