Sunday, January 22, 2017

On Friendship: Part III

Greg and I met in the fall, around September of 2016.
Our first encounter, we laughed about two completely different things - I can't remember what it was, but both our laughs were hearty and boisterous, and that was more than enough to spark our odd kinship.

I talk a lot about influence, and wonder how much someone or something has an impact on our lives. And I can honestly say Greg has made a lasting difference in my life. When I arrived in Ann Arbor, Greg was one of the first people who reached out to me and who I shared life with. His listening ear, honest advice, and practical perspective, I found touching.

I remember distinctly, Greg telling me, "I admire how consistent you are with your blog."
"I admire how consistent you are with your blog."
His compliment revitalized my blog-tired spirit; almost no one had told me I was tenacious (because most of my life I have not been) and it motivated me to continue the blog, weekly, no matter what. I promised myself that I would make at least one post come Sunday each week. (I'm crossing my fingers right now)

So really, the only reason I continue to write this blog is because of Greg. Thanks Greg, for cursing (blessing?) the public with my weekly tirades/writing/discourse.

I have long enjoyed your friendship, candor, and humor, brother.
Greg Monroe watching elections.
I'll miss you, and I wish you the best of luck in Korea,


- Jinwoo

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