Sunday, February 19, 2017

Epiphanies: Part 1

What I'm slowly realizing are the amount of resources that I have available - not only at the University, but in life.
I have a therapist, a big brother, parents, a faith family, health, financial stability, games. This is not a bragadocious post, but just a recognition of my life's blessings.

It's up to me to utilize and make the most of every opportunity, to figure out my life's purpose as I glean from those who want the best for me. The result, I just leave up to God.
At least, that's the ideal mentality, haha. I've been making the most of enjoying games these past couple days. Which is not wrong, but there can definitely be adjustments here and there.

Dragon Knight, one of my favorite heroes in Dota 2. :)  (Yes, I'm a nerd)
Hope everyone has been well!

The weather has been really nice here in Michigan. Which makes it the perfect time to stay at home and play video games. (Not)


- Jinwoo

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