Sunday, February 26, 2017

Epiphanies: Part II

Coming into college, I thought I was able to accomplish everything on my own. There was nothing I couldn't really achieve in high school if I worked hard enough.
One of the intellectual feats I conquered in high school.
Even after failing a lot (a LOT), I still hold on to this mindset. It's horrible. I can't let go it because I've slept with it for so long and it's why I even valued myself as a person. To be capable, strong, intelligent, and independent.

I think society tells us that if we're not able to be independent, we're weak and less valuable as individuals, that there's something wrong with us, and that we're worthless.

We promote the image of the self-made man/woman, who rises from the depths all the way to the top, championing hard work as their motto and chant.

Can you believe it? This toxic idea that promotes superheroes out of ordinary people - which cause harm because of unmet expectations and constant letdowns within oneself.

Do you have any solutions? How do you come to grips with this attitude? Or, maybe you still believe you can do everything on your own. Hope my words didn't come off as belittling to you.


- Jinwoo

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