Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Duo of Poems

I give in -
too easily
though I know it's a sin.

He is watching,
and though I know,
I continue to do so.

His presence so divine,
never fails to shine,

Yet I -
I give in,
and always will continue to sin.

From beginning to the end
there it is again.
It comes around the bend,
here and there and then
it passes round the curve.
Weaving and winding,
swimming and sighing.
Gently arousing slumber.

You'll miss it as it flies,
back into being -
O what, what is it I am seeing?
A glimpse of the future, of love, or of meaning?
A visceral, guttural moan,
A touch gentle to the bone.

Yearning to remember
what it was all about.
Contemplating, breath-giving, life-taking.

Creation's waves at play.
Calling me, calling me to deeper depths.
If only I'd known.

You would see -
myself, my only self.
visible, unfolding, becoming
shaking free of the memories
at last.

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