Sunday, April 2, 2017

A Look Back at this Year

Looking back at the year, it's been quite a ride.
I got to meet so many new people, share stories about life.
Literal translation: Move to Blue
It's really been a blessing I haven't reflected on enough.

A lot of people don't know this, but I took a gap year after the end of my junior year, hoping to find a little more direction in life.
The adorable preschoolers I taught during the gap year.
Things were okay for the most part during that year, but one recurring theme of that year was loneliness.

I didn't get to meet/know that many new people, and though I brushed off facebook envy for the most part, I couldn't help but worry I was falling behind in some way.
Probably drawn during class.
Being forgotten
Looked down on for being a (super?) junior

These were some of the fears I had coming back. Some of you may be reading this post and thinking,

"Dude, you care too much about what others think about you. Just do you."
And while that point may be valid, (it is) I wonder,

How can we strike a balance in between having our own agenda and allowing others to shape our path?

I think it's a question certainly worth pondering over.

Am I being too general?
These past couple weeks have not been too kind for me, as the kindhearted readers of my blog have probably noticed. But when I look back the past few months, back to the beginning of the school year, it puts things in a different light/perspective. There are so many things I am proud to have accomplished this past year, and while I shouldn't sit on past achievements, self-recognition is an important part of moving forward. An essential part of better understanding the road I'm on.

And through it all, I think I can honestly say I've made the right decision to come back to the University.

That is, until finals hit. Then I will regret coming back.
Just kidding~ ^^

The nuances of life are difficult to navigate through. And if you feel like you're just barely managing, you're not alone.
Read this Till you Believe it by M.H. Clark
See you next week,

- Jinwoo

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